Our Children

Our Precious Children

Here, we honor the lives of our children and witness that they will remain in our hearts forever. If you would like to add information about your child here, please email Jody at jgp@glynnpatrick.com.

(Click the child’s name to visit their memorial) 


  1. Lost my youngest son beautiful inside and out to a red light driver he was just short of his 15th birthday and just like that, he died instantly upon I,pact because someone was in a stupid hurry. I hate waking up to face one my second, minute, hour or day without him, it’s just been a month, a community rallied behind our family and the friendships he made in such a short life are amazing. He had a difficult life with me, his mom being sick for the last several years of his precious life. Tears flowing out of hundreds and hundreds of teenagers eyes, I simply don’t understand why I’m here on this planet, I had been sick, I had several health problems including two nouns of cancer. Honestly I don’t understand a God that would save me just to have me face a day without my sons beautiful face. Why did he not take me, my older children had drifted away for self preservation but my baby struggled some along the way as he didn’t have a mom, the kind of mom I wanted to be but couldn’t be, i’m spite of a few turns in the road, he had come so far, so caring and loving and the stories I hear about what a faithful friend he was, melts my heart, I don’t want to face a other day. I pray for that every night. Why him? Why not me, my family had realizes I might not be around long but he hadn’t come to that idea quite yet, it kills my soul to see the pain in his older brother and sisters hearts and his Dads heart is so, so broken. Why not me? He was just a baby in my eyes and now he will always be just 14. I do not want to wake up and face another day.

  2. My beautiful baby diel

  3. Gotta figure out to live for the living, not for those who are not
    I know. Just can’t figure it out. My life as I no iritis just so strange and different. Feel like so many parts of me are missing. Don’t feel like a whole Identity has been lost. Used to know who I was. Just don’t anymore. Haven’t. Feel so strange and different. Too alone in my head. Too much longing. It’s painful especially that it can’t be fixed and I’m powerless and not in control of anything. Never know from minute to minute, day to day. Anything can happen at anytime. Anyone you love so much an be just taken away forever and ever and you have to figure out how to live. The longing and pain is just to much to bare sometimes.
    Today the screams in my head, the visions oh god it is torture.

    I know it won’t bring her back but I need closure. I was with my mom by her bed day in and day out and didn’t let her die alone. I was with my dad right there in the room day in and day out when the machines went flat. He didn’t die alone. Addie died alone in the street in NY and layed in the morgue for two days. Where was I? Why wasn’t I with her! All alone. No, no good. I can’t take these visions. Her face was all bruised where she collapsed on the concrete. My beautiful daughter all alone in death . I can’t take

    And why? She was not using . She was clean for nine months. What happened? What happened? I have to know. I won’t rest until I know.

    Just to normalize some of your feelings…we all feel the way u do about those we have loved and lost…we all worry that at anytime the people we love will be taken from us..but we are still alive and here for those who love us…why do to them what has been done to us?

    Life is precious and a gift…

    Yes I know everything intellectually. I need closure. Why did I leave her alone to die. Where was she? If it was me she would have been there. Always. Those texts. I need to find someone to investigate so I know. I just don’t know who or where or what. Criminal lawyer ? Private investigator? Call hospitals? I can’t think. My head. The screams. The bruises on her face I can’t get these visions out of my head. Boom boom boom bang!

    Up down up down. I don’t know what’s going on. My brain can’t take it. My c section hurts today. Crazy!

    Need a lobotomy. Need to delete these visions

    I did last summer. Remember? Princeton house for 7 weeks. Hated it. Doesn’t help with grief. Nothing helped. The idiot therapist said that Addie was in a better place!! Really? 33 years old. A better place? A grave? Buried? Alone? Like I will be but I will be with them maybe. Just one more hug, one more kiss, one more I love you mom. She wanted to be with me. Wanted to come home. I was stubborn and angry. Big deal. Should have listened to my heart. She died alone in the streets of NY. Don’t even know where in NY. And John left her too. A husband? A what? Why didn’t I get to the morgue. I left her there for two or three days. How could I do that? Why didn’t I go?

  4. My heart goes out to everyone . On here that’s lost a child I lost my son at 16 he was all heart
    he was trying to save our family home while shocked by a good a down wire . My biggest fear our my other 2 living son’s that did everything they could to save him . So they blame there self .& It’s​ ripping what lil family we have apart… As a griving mother it’s killing me inside . Just wondering if anyone else has suffered anything like this . Thanks I’m trying my best to hold or family together but they filled with rage and using drugs for the 2 st time in there like .. I don’t want to to loose another son.. that’s my biggest fear . I push my feelings aside to be there . IV been taking care of them since the day my son passed . It’s coming up on a year in 7 8 2016 . When I lost my he world . Thanks​ fit any input you may h email

  5. My son Danny died over ten years ago. I am having a really hard time lately missing him…. every single day In a moment and I’m in tears. I’m so empty. I want to die so bad.
    I want to be with him but I’m torn because I have other children here and I don’t know what to do, as can’t wait to die I’m excited about it ! it’s actually something that I look forward too .

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