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Our Children: Brandon J. Schultz

We now are collecting memorials to honor our children. If you would like to add yours to this category, for your precious child, send the information to and we’ll post it. Hopefully this is just one of the first in a series, as we get the privilege of being introduced to the individual children that we collectively mourn. Jody.

From Brandon’s mother, Julie Schultz: Meet BJ!

Brandon J. SchultzBJ – Brandon Joseph Schultz
December 20, 1984 – February 18, 2013

It is simply impossible for me to fit this memorial into the usual format, for BJ was far to unique for that.

We named our first son Brandon, a strong name for a man. We were young enough to believe that he would not get a nickname. BJ was BJ after just a few moments in the world. A nickname that was always spoken with love. The kind of love reserved for those you adore. And we did adore him.

BJ was smart. Crazy smart…
He would be laughing and saying “Mom! Mom!” as he read this and wanted so badly to correct my grammar and spelling.

He was kind hearted and willing to share what ever he had whenever he had anything. He was quiet and private and humble about his abilities and gifts.

He lived life with simple wants and needs and yet his mind held and understood wonders that the rest of us couldn’t seem to grasp. He often thought of his mind as a problem and took a long time to see his brilliance as a God gift.

Writing, books, literature, typing, reading, drawing, painting or creating consumed a great deal of his time. He sucked in knowledge and information like a sponge.

He only worked on a typewriter because he considered it a pure form of writing.

He loved quotes. Solid, sound, life changing quotes, from children and great minds alike. Each year he filled diaries with thoughts. I bought him a little leather bound book each year for his birthday gift, just from mom, and he carried it every where to record the quotes that touched his heart. One of those little soft leather books as my last gift to him.

He loved creation. He marveled at the wonders in nature and was moved to care for all creatures with gentleness.

BJ was a seeker of justice and was wounded at the injustice in this world. He believed there really was the possibility of a kinder, gentler world. He believed deeply in miracles and left many notes about his prayer for a miracle in his own life.

He was a relentless seeker of truth. Of God. By the age of 4 not only would he read the Wall Street each day but he had also memorized chapters upon chapters of the Bible. He had unlimited questions about God and for God. This was a quest that never ended for him. I know those questions were all answered the moment he stepped into Heaven and God said “BJ, welcome home!” And all of heaven celebrated this amazing child of God.

BJ’s whole life he talked about “a grand adventure”. Where he would travel and what he would see. He longed to see each inch of the world and know what it held.

BJ could often be found reading to his brothers. Building them forts, cars, costumes from boxes. He designed security systems for their rooms from golf balls and cardboard rolls. As adults his gifts to his brothers consisted of writings or exceptional works of art. He laid flat on the floor giving me directions on exactly where to place the glow in the dark stars that would form the universe on his ceiling. He was meticulous and methodical. He was a perfectionist that was confused by the chaos of life. He was a joy and had a smile that drew you in to talk about the deepest of things or the silliest!

He loved us as fiercely as we loved him.

We were chosen by God to be BJ’s family. Oh what an honor but 28 was not enough time. We know with certainty that this gentle man, our precious son, now walks among the stars with God.

“Wait for us BJ. We will be right there!”

palmMom, Dad, Bryce, Quinea, Austin
(Julie and Randy Schultz)

This poem was written the day he went away and it sums up his life pretty well.  We put the title on his marker and so I think I would like to share it with another parent looking for a thought that comforts. THANK YOU. Julie
He Now Walks Among the StarsA little boy once loved the stars
That nestle there away on high
For pieces of his soul lay with them
Not here on earth with you and IAlways wondering how he fit
This odd-shaped puzzle piece alone
A dreamer and a wanderer
His heart no roots no place for home

Poet, painter, ponderer
Juxtaposed against this world
The tempest raged within him
His mast bent with sails unfurled

Leaning forth against the wind
Rarely to ask the help of men
He braved the walls of crashing sea
As life pushed him yet – and yet again

Too soon for us who loved him
He Who placed the stars cried “It is done”
Scooped the boy up from the wreckage
And brought him nigh towards the Son

The galaxies in brilliance
Now light his way as he does tread
To walk among the resting
There finding peace, his weary head

And oft should my eyes ere wander
To the starry host above
I know my heart will show him smiling there
That little boy I’ll always love

For my Beej
What an honor to be loved by your amazing heart.
Save me a spot on the bench beside you? We’ll catch up then.

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