Posted by: Jody Glynn Patrick | 02/02/2014

How can I create a legacy for my dead child?

I have noticed so many stories coming forward in the comment section about our children, and I’ve also seen how much those stories help other parents and encourage them to share memories as well. We want to keep our child’s memories alive and talk about them.

To help you create a legacy place to say what you want said and remembered, I have created another page on this website called “Our Children”.

This will be a positive page, since it is intended to be part of our children’s legacy. We won’t post struggles or hardships on this page (we still have our comment section for that on topic pages, and you’re encouraged to be free to write anything there.) We will post entries from you and from siblings, grandparents, etc. All are welcome to contribute to your child’s memory page. Each child will have his or her “link” and so many are welcome to post for each person listed.

Feel free to contribute what you wish — and here are some recommendations to help you with your choices.

  • photograph (up to 3)
  • brief biography
  • comment about how you have been changed or the issues you have dealt with, and how — this is a page for optimism
  • poem written for them or that reminds you of them
  • comments from friends or other family members can be posted on the same listing.
  • anything else you’d like of a positive nature that we have room to include.

Thank you for being a member of our growing community of bereaved parents. The importance of connecting with other grieving parents is knowing you are not alone in your struggle and sorrow, and we want to help lift you up to a place of healing — not forgetting or “moving on without your child” but rather acceptance of how to move on with their legacy to extend it, and yours.

Feel free to submit today, and to add thoughts for the page (which I can always add) as you read other submissions and are reminded of other things you want the world to know about your beloved child. Posts will appear alphabetically, by the child’s name, as the page grows in length.


  1. Hi, Jody, thank you very much for this lovely idea. I have sent you my material tonight. I look forward to reading about other members’ beloved children.

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