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Notice of child’s memorial posting

Lindsay Margaret Wilson (1986-2013), Aged 26



To view Lindsay’s memorial, posted by her mother Alison, go to the website page here titled “Our Children”.

If you would like to post a memorial to share the life of your beloved child, send the material to me via Feel free to send photos, a favorite poem, and brief bio or other information.

I will send out blog announcements to let the community here know that your child’s memorial has been established. All uploads will be posted on the Friday of the week they are received, and the public emails will be sent out Sunday evenings, to allow parents a day to edit material that they see on the site before announcement is made.

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How can I create a legacy for my dead child?

I have noticed so many stories coming forward in the comment section about our children, and I’ve also seen how much those stories help other parents and encourage them to share memories as well. We want to keep our child’s memories alive and talk about them.

To help you create a legacy place to say what you want said and remembered, I have created another page on this website called “Our Children”.

This will be a positive page, since it is intended to be part of our children’s legacy. We won’t post struggles or hardships on this page (we still have our comment section for that on topic pages, and you’re encouraged to be free to write anything there.) We will post entries from you and from siblings, grandparents, etc. All are welcome to contribute to your child’s memory page. Each child will have his or her “link” and so many are welcome to post for each person listed.

Feel free to contribute what you wish — and here are some recommendations to help you with your choices.

  • photograph (up to 3)
  • brief biography
  • comment about how you have been changed or the issues you have dealt with, and how — this is a page for optimism
  • poem written for them or that reminds you of them
  • comments from friends or other family members can be posted on the same listing.
  • anything else you’d like of a positive nature that we have room to include.

Thank you for being a member of our growing community of bereaved parents. The importance of connecting with other grieving parents is knowing you are not alone in your struggle and sorrow, and we want to help lift you up to a place of healing — not forgetting or “moving on without your child” but rather acceptance of how to move on with their legacy to extend it, and yours.

Feel free to submit today, and to add thoughts for the page (which I can always add) as you read other submissions and are reminded of other things you want the world to know about your beloved child. Posts will appear alphabetically, by the child’s name, as the page grows in length.

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About our dead children and psychic mediums….

The perfect intersection for plunder.

This is the truest statement of all: I don’t know if psychics are real or not real. I don’t know if there is (or is not) someone who can directly “channel” an open communication line. I get a lot of requests to “partner” with a medium, as some self-professed psychics see this blog as a direct line to potential business (versus healing). I won’t do that.

Likewise, a lot of people “witness” about a miracle healing due to one psychic or another (by name and location) in comments to me via this blog. I can tell these are spam messages trying to drum up business and immediately delete them. Testimonials for psychics unknown to me will never make it to the site. I won’t be a channel for fake hope or New Age charlatans who see opportunity in your pain and loss.

An established psychic (you find them, they don’t find you after reading obituaries, etc.) is a better crutch, in my opinion, to help you hope and function again, than, say, the lower rung of street drugs or alcohol. But psychics should come with the warning that they, too, can be addictive, and in fact, they are like street drugs sold to you by a stranger.You don’t know what you are getting until after you lay down your money, and that leaves a wide and very fertile field for con artists.

At the time when you are least able to filter information or establish boundaries, “sympathetic” bad people will find you. So be careful. Be cautious if you decide to spend even one dollar on a self-professed medium.

That being said, I do enjoy talking with established mediums…

As highlighted elsewhere at this blog site, my personal experiences with Daniel after he died has convinced me that the energy of our children (and our love for them) continues after death. Because of that knowledge, I do also believe there are communication opportunities, and in fact, I’ve personally benefited from them.

I have met famous medium and author James Van Praagh for a lunch interview, and I’ve had readings from Suzane Northrup (John Edward’s own psychic), whom I have also had dinner with. She drinks red wine after readings to calm herself. She swears a lot and is afraid to fly (so she drives everywhere in her jeep). I like down-to-earth people like her.

I’ve also seen John Edward in person, and I traveled to Long Island to see George Anderson. I had the interesting opportunity of dinner with Kevin Masters, when he visited from England. These are the top billing, most vetted psychics, and personally, I do find them credible. Are they “real”? I don’t know, but….

Masters told me that he envisioned me “in the near future” wearing headsets and talking into a microphone¬† to thousands of people at once. “Radio?” he suggested. “No way,” I answered, laughing at the thought of it. “I have no training or job prospects in broadcast media.” Two years later, however, I was offered a prime-time AM talk radio program. I thought of Master’s prediction many times after donning headsets and speaking into a microphone to thousands of people every weeknight for the next five years.

So yeah, I find Kevin Masters credible and even a little freaky in a good way. He looks like one of the guys in the movie Full Monty — he’s a stocky, hard-working English laborer with a strong accent — and I love that about him. I admire that he isn’t all about celebrity and fancy suits and money. In addition, he referenced my grandmother’s spirit (his informant about my future), saying she smelled like Evening in Paris perfume (all she ever wore). That bought him immediate bonus points from me, too.

Today, after my recently announced semi-retirement, I’ve left the radio and publishing worlds — left a satisfying and well-paying job behind — to focus more on the things that matter more to me. I became an ordained minister this past year and I am again accepting a few private clients for bereavement counseling. I’ve also established a second home in Illinois in the past month, very near my son’s grave and in the same town where my mother and brothers are buried. The move brings me psychic comfort, since I had strayed pretty far afield when working full-time in Madison, WI. Now I can fully enjoy both places.

But enough about me and more about what you want to know, which is what to think about psychics: Should you or shouldn’t you? Are you being naive or curious or ridiculous, considering whether or not to see one?

When you have a broken leg, you learn that a crutch is useful. While the leg heals, you cannot walk more than a few hobbled steps without crutches. Society accepts the help as necessary. However, when you have a broken heart, society expects you to breath and walk and think normally unassisted.

That isn’t always possible, and while the people around you marginally approve counseling for the “weak willed”, half of the professional counselors in the U.S. graduated in the bottom half of their class — for good reason. Not all are insightful enough to be truly helpful. But when you don’t feel “better” after dropping a thousand bucks on a counselor, or taking the latest anti-depressant drug, too many people assume it’s your fault, that you just can’t “move on”.

I have visited with the top-known psychics, but only once a year, and more often to interview them about their talent than to find a lifeline. My foray into the psychic realm isn’t about not being able to accept the truth — I know my child is forever gone physically from me. I get it. But I also understand that he is with me on a different plane, and I’d be joining the “Earth is Flat” society if I didn’t openly acknowledge that no, the earth is not flat. Nor does it exist in an only three dimensional world. The real world isn’t limited to what you can see, or else you’d be able to dodge those flu viruses and grab a radio wave out of the air!

Daniel’s energy exists as a cohesive, intelligent form and on occasion, I brush up against it close enough to recognize and celebrate his ongoing existence in my heart and mind. That’s my reality.

The holidays are hard for you, I understand. They are hard for me, too. But underneath one holiday is a birth, and a celebration of that birth long after the physical death and entombment of a body. That holiday most offers the hope of everlasting life and reunification. I hope you can hear that and know that and hold it close to you.

I wish for you that peace and hope this holiday season, whether it comes to you through spirituality or psychic mediums, through insight or experience. I wish for you a faith in the unknown and the curiosity and the strength to explore it.

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